Harvin Alert is a 26 year old, London based artist who specialises in street photography & painting.

His paintings are often abstract in nature, infusing elements from his photographs, creating a visual style that celebrates both the complexities of human life and colour. Whilst his painting practice brings him the opportunity to exercise visually in pre-meditated means, the act of photographing for Harvin is primarily instinctive. Drawn to the urban sprawl of cities where street scenes, culture and subject matter is rife he frequently embarks on capturing honest photographs of everyday life, rich in narrative quality.

Harvin’s early upbringing involved, moving from place to place led to seeing himself as somewhat of an outlander. This characteristic he says “nurtured the importance of being an effective observer” which continues to direct his artistic pursuit.


2015 Arts Pop - Up, Patch Bar, London

2015 6/6, The Centre for Useless Splendour, Surrey

2015 Hubble, The Centre for Useless Splendour, Surrey

2015 Seminar Show, The Centre for Useless Splendour, Surrey

2014 Understanding Colour, Calpe Town Hall, Spain

2014 1 America Square Exhibition, London

2014 Photography Exhibition, Hallam Street, London

2013 Distortion, hART’s Lane Studios, London

2011 People & Portraiture, Oxford House Open, London